Call for papers

Submissions to the workshop should have both a strong data grounding and novel theoretical or methodological approaches. ACUMEN will discuss open questions, research goals, results and future works in the following (but not limited to) topics:


  • Human performance in social systems including games, forums and experiments;
  • Temporal networks and dynamics of social interactions;
  • Analysis and detection of characteristic patterns in social networks;
  • Community structure and collective behavior;
  • Information propagation and behavioral diffusion;
  • Data mining and machine learning for high-dimensional social network data;
  • Statistical and causal inference methodologies;
  • Detecting, modeling and simulating dynamics on and of social networks;
  • Real-world applications in social networks;
  • Data-driven and theoretical approaches to detection of influential spreaders;
  • Link prediction and missing data recovery in social networks;
  • Anomaly and change-point detection in social systems.